So you've been asked to be a worship leader...

That's great!  We at Annville CoB believe strongly in the priesthood of all believers as written in 1 Peter 2:5.  One way we practice this belief is by having different worship leaders each Sunday--perhaps you've been asked to be a worship leader!  Typically, the worship leader leads the following portions of the service:


Call to Worship

This section of the service is designed to simply call everyone together to worship.  Why are you here?  Why are we here?  Let’s come together and worship! (but said with better words!)  This section can be fun and personal.  Coming to worship should be an exciting and refreshing time--your call to worship sets this tone for the service (no pressure!) 


Some regard the invocation as a time to invite God into our worship.  Many Brethren regard this as a strange idea since God is always present (Psalm 139:7–10, Acts 17:28) so the invocation can serve as a time to invite congregants to recognize that God is present and to ask God to bless our gathering. 

Invitation to Give Tithes and Offerings

This is pretty basic; we’re inviting people to give their offering.  We tend to think of offering in monetary terms--we tithe a portion of our income--but it can also encompass giving of our time and talents.  It's important to remember that we all have gifts to give back to God.

Dedication Prayer

Following the offering, the monetary offering plates are presented and the dedication prayer is offered.  In this prayer we’re thanking God for the gifts he has given us and we’re dedicating what we’ve given--time, money and talents--to God and we’re asking him to put them to good use.


Basically just read the scripture ;-)  The pew Bibles are NIV so reading from an NIV is best so that it is easy for folks to follow along.

Odds and Ends

Another key role of the worship leader is to help "glue" the service together by announcing hymns, inviting everyone to stand or sit, etc.  Doing these parts will come with experience and your comfort level--for example, if you don't announce a hymn, likely the preacher or chorister will; we're all in it together!  You may also be asked to lead the announcements or Joys and Concerns depending on who else is participating in the service though you'll almost never be expected to do this parts for your first time as worship leader or if you're not comfortable.  Again, we're all in it together and we all work together for a worshipful experience.


Some Final Thoughts

The preacher or church office should provide the scripture ahead of time and may even provide a synopsis of the sermon.  If not, ask!  Whomever is preaching is generally happy to discuss their ideas with you.  Trying to incorporate the theme into the various parts of the service helps the worship experience and it can be very powerful to hear the same message reinforced by a different voice or said in different words.  Most importantly, have fun with it--worship should be a serious and respectful time but it should also be a joyous occasion where we celebrate being together in the presence of God!

If You Have Writer's Block...

It happens to everyone...  Starting on page 659, our hymnals contain suggestions for most portions of the service and can be a great starting point.  For All Who Minister is also a great resource.  You should be able to borrow a copy from the church library, most deacons and any licensed or ordained minister.  And, of course, Google is your friend!  Feel free to search for worship resources to use as starting points for your own words, just please be sure to give credit if you use somebody else's words.