Exodus 17 A community praying together

A Community Praying Together

The Bible tells us how Joshua prevailed against the Amalekites through Moses’ faith of holding his hands high up towards the heavens.  Joshua experienced victory because of this. However, during the battle when Moses’ hands got tired and began to fall, Joshua lost ground. Moses’ companions held up Moses hands and propped them up so they would not fall. Every time Moses’ hands slipped, Joshua experienced temporary defeat. Every time Moses’ hands were held high, Joshua gained the advantage.

To me, this is a picture of what we experience in this world. Fighting the battle of life, we often feel defeated with only intermittent moments of victory. However we should never give up or lose hope. This is how God displays his power through the prayers of His people. When we undergo trials and cannot or do not  pray for ourselves, God’s people are praying for us. It is often their faith and their prayers, their intercession to God for us that makes the difference.

Joshua likely was trusting God for the outcome of the battle. However, he may have been totally unaware as to why at one moment he was progressing and at the next moment he was not.  He may even have become doubtful. It was Moses’ faith that determined Joshua’s progress each step along the way, as well as the final outcome. Joshua had to hang in there and trust God with whatever was happening at the moment.

So next time there is an opportunity to share joys and concerns, remember this.… Sure, God knows our hearts and certainly hears our prayers. But sharing these concerns with the family of God, enables them to pray with us and for us and it can be the difference between final victory or defeat for us.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, thank you for the power in the prayers of your people. Help us to go forth mightily, knowing that we have the victory. In Your holy name, Amen.

Written by Debbie Fortna