Genesis 1: Beginnings & Endings

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created…..

Every day I must meet God and ask what are You creating in me today, Lord? Stop and listen! Let God show you what He is creating in you. What your life means to all creation around you. We are part of God’s creation, so let us be in harmony with all that God has created. All of nature explodes with God’s glory. All of humankind reflects God’s nature.

Books are written with a beginning and an ending. Movies are made with a beginning and an ending. What God creates has a beginning but no ending. His kingdom will be forever. Your life also has a beginning and an ending to the physical body, but the soul will live on forever for those who know God. What will you do with the life God has given you? What counts is not how it begins or how it ends, but what is in between. Let your life be a testament to the love that God has poured into all creation. 

Prayer: Lord, thank you for this life you have given to me. Let me be an instrument to show the beauty of all creation. Amen

Written by Sandy Hughes