Memories from Holy Week, 2016

Our Lenten Theme

Lent, Beginning February 14

Sundays - 9:00am (Sunday School), 10:15am (Worship)

Winter is cold and dark--the time when plants dig deep into their reserves to survive.  They long for the light and rain of spring so they can be renewed and begin new growth.  When we are depleted, we turn our face to God to renew ourselves and replenish our reservoirs so that we too can bear fruit.

Over the course of Lent, we'll explore spiritual renewal through the eyes of a farmer or arborist as we talk about the concepts of needing spiritual renewal and what that looks like as it begins to bear fruit.

Palm Sunday, March 20

Sunday, March 20 - 9:00am (Sunday School), 10:15am (Worship)

The fruit of Jesus' life was becoming apparent--everyone praised his arrival thinking that that was the true fruit when, in fact, the grim reality of his purpose was about to set in.  I'm reminded of potatoes; the obvious "fruit"--the leaves--aren't at all the point of the plant.  The real fruit lays beneath the soil.  Not nearly as obvious or attractive but full of nutrients.

Maundy Thursday Love Feast, March 24

Thursday, March 24 - 7:00pm

Jesus broke bread and shared a meal with his disciples.  We do as Jesus did.

Easter Egg Hunt, March 26

Saturday, March 26 - 2:30pm at South Annville Pavilion

Easter, March 27

Sunday, March 27
6:30am - Sunrise Service at South Annville Pavilion
9:00am - Sunday School
10:15am - Worship

We've had the harvest; we know what fruit Jesus brought and now we reap the rewards.  It's time to allow his fruit to energize us so that we can begin the process of planting again.